Education is a sustained, regular, step-by-step, continuous learning process where we initially build a sound foundation of learning. It is not like a medicinal pill or an electric button which will give instant results on demand when taken later in life.

Our efforts at Saint Paul's School are therefore directed towards an emphasis on regularity, speed, intellectual stimuli (brain development) and confidence building.

All can’t get the top position. A rank order would always exist in each class. Those few at the bottom should not get disheartened, nor the top rankers get complacent. Each one has to strive to better his own performance.

We hope that our efforts would help each one of our students to take up top positions when they venture out in the world, where there are tremendous opportunities for the takers. There is a literal void of 45 million jobs at world level, for which our youth must prepare diligently now.

I therefore urge our children to keep the reins of life in their hands, take guidance from teachers and parents, have good values, right attitudes and understand & apply what they learn each day.

Blessings and regards,

Sh. Krishan Kumar Bhardwaj

School Director