We are living in a knowledge based society today and education has to keep pace with the changing world to meet the needs of tomorrow.

The home and school therefore have to work together and support the children towards attaining excellence through the pursuit of knowledge. It is rightly said that "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence."

The legacy of values, tradition and culture are passed on from generation to generation through the institution called family or home. Therefore you have a major role to play in a child's life. Please take interest in the child's activities, support the child, be patient and encouraging. It is important to rejoice in the small achievements of your child just as it is necessary to caution or be firm with them when they are at fault.

We expect our students to be upright and honourable with a high sense of integrity, gentlemanly in behaviour at all times and at all places and wish them to be cultured human beings and responsible citizens.

We as teachers stand committed towards our higher goal of leading these students into the future with a positive attitude and a purposeful destiny.

Blessings and regards,

Mrs. Ruchi Bharija


Saint Paul's School